Elegant Japanese metal girls

ミュージシャンとしての矜持を持った5人組のkawaii メタル女子たちによるテクニカルなメタルユニット。その美しさは日本だけでなく、海外のオーディエンスたちからも絶賛され、今や世界中のメタラーたちに注目されているグループです。MVもかっこいいですが、ライブも強烈です。

Meet one the most promising rising stars of Japan’s female metal scene, Lovebites. The band consist of, Asami (lead singer), Miho (the band leader and the bassist), Haruna (drummer), Midori (guitarist) and Mi-Ya (guitar and keyboards). The Lovebites sound owes a debt to the many great overseas heavy metal bands that have directly influenced their writing. Coupled with their own unique take on music, with each members eclectic background and experiences, everything has culminated into forging a truly formidable group.