Surprising Tokyo music scene

Tokyo music scene is always making unique,different sound that people overseas never imagine. If you visit to Tokyo,you should do this unique experience to join the concert that Tokyo local musicians has produced .


Kawaii × metal

”Kawaii metal” ,the new genre was founded by Babymetal from Japan in 2013. Babymetal has already accomplished monumental works in the world music scene since 2014 and keep shining in the heart of people overseas.

2014 (first concert in UK,Sonisphere)

2016 (first time in UK, Download festival)

2018 (2nd time Download)

2020 (90’s Japanese dance beat tribute)

Rock Idol

Over hundreds of idol groups standing side by side in Tokyo are making a living.It’s tough work,but worthy. Their power of subculture never stop.

Idol×loud rock

Passcode ,Broken by the scream ,ゆくえしれずつれずれ,Candy Syrup,Malcom Mask Mclaren,14th Toilet demon Hanako san(十四代目トイレの花子さん)

Idol×punk rock

BiSH, burstgirl(爆裂女子),XTEEN,BiS

Idol×alternative,electronica rock

LadyBaby,DESURABITTES(デスラビッツ),raymay,kaqriyo terror,星歴13夜,uijin,ケミカルリアクション,Dead Lift Lolita,Screaming 60 degree(絶叫する60度)


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