Girls rock band

One of the features in Japanese music scene is that there is a lots of ‘talented’ girls musicians in Japan,especially in Tokyo. This is one of the reason why rock fans and musicians all over the world pay attention to these amazing level.

Alternative,pop rock

Scandal,Silent Siren,yonige,Fern Planet, Quinted Queen Quest,IRIS MOND,ルリロリ(RURIRORI),Market Shop Store,エルフリーデ,Lazyguns brisky,fleufleu,Girlfriend,Babysitter,unwave,Яeal,Fun Rumor Story, Ena Fujita(藤田恵名),Candy Holic,Bad Baby Bomb,Hena Cat,Who the Bitch

Heavy rock

Anarchy Stone ,Gacharic spin,Girls Rock Band Kakumei,Quince,Band Maid,Greed Five Eggs,Mutant Monster,Olivia sugar,BRATS

Girls metal band

Aldious,Mary’s blood,Bridear,Fate Gear,Ark Royal,Love Bites, Lip Stick,Moth in Lilac,爆弾幸気圧(bakudan koukiatu),TELECiDE,花冷え,DollsBox,HellDorlins,Zettai Club(絶対倶楽部),まだみたことのない世界(Madaseka),D_Drive,Nemophila,RAMI,Full Moon,HAGANE

Female vocalist rock band

Alternative,pop rock

ポルカドットスティングレイ,Alia,Winking Owl,Salty Dog, vivid undress,second wall,Kamitsuki(カミツキ),Code of Zero,Special Thanks,四丁目のアンナ,FAITH,TOM BOYS,コトフル,velvet sigh,

Easycore,hardcore punk

Melt-Banana,Dizzy Sunfist,Knucle Chiwawa(ナックルチワワ)

Metal,Loud rock

Unlucky Morpheus,existtrace,nilfinity,mildrage,octavia grace,Mai Yajima(矢島舞依),Ancient Myth,Theo Nova,MDMS,大山マキ,IRON BUNNY,fake island,FILL IT UP,FROZEN CAKE BAR,TEARS OF TRAGEDY,THE UNCROWNED,MAHATMA,Raksasha,undead corporation,Blood Stain Child,Dual Alter World,The number zero,LAST MAY JAGUAR


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