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What’s J-Rock Tours?

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訪日観光客様向けの音楽ライブ体験ツアーとして2017年から活動を始めたJ-Rock Toursは、日本の音楽に興味を持つ世界中の音楽ファンにご利用頂いております。日本の音楽を根底で支えている魂のアーティスト達の生のパフォーマンスを見て、多くの訪日観光客の皆様が感動しています。

J-Rock Torus has started guided tour for people overseas who’re interested in music since 2017. In Tokyo, there are various kinds of music that you’ve never experience in their countries so they tell that it’s not too much to say that Tokyo music scene is cutting egde in the world.Especially live music is more than you expect.

Amazing Tokyo local music scene is far beyond what you expect.

Here is one of rock music sample that Tokyo local music scene produced. The name of the band is ‘FATE GEAR’ consists of 7(usually 5) girls metal band, a kind of ‘Kawaii Metal’.

Steampunk metal band ‘FATE GEAR’

What are you expecting for Tokyo night time ?

If music fans visit to Tokyo,they should go to adventure with music tour guide, then they’ll find another world that you never experience in their countries.

Actually Japanese music scene is broken down into small genre and over hundreds of live venues, independent artists are playing in Tokyo everyday so that it’s very difficult to find your favorite concert while you’re in Tokyo.

Of course that may be fine to feel atmosphere of Tokyo local music scene,but it’ll be better if music tour guide go with you to make your night to remember.


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